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Please note that you must select a garment the design that requires no changes to the design. Please do not select a design with a black background on a black tee as I am not making any changes to my current designs. See the list below for designs that can still be pressed.

This listing is for the design only. Please make sure to add a blank garment from the made to order collection!

Designs to choose from:

All that and a bag of chips

Smart cookie

I donut care

Donut grow up

Eh hole (2019)

F. Bomb

What the flock?

Pardon my french

Fries before guys

I'm a true player

Don't be jelly (jelly fish)

This is my jam (jar of jam)

Junk in the trunk

Zero fox given

Check meow't

Beach, Please (2019)

Too slow for my flow (sloth)



Stud muffin

Don't be a square

I'm a gem

Unbearbly cute

where my ho’s at

lit (Christmas tree)

retired designs - udon know me, sloth latte, whatever sprinkles your donuts and the old mermaid. If a design isn’t listed above please contact me.



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